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About Us...

Defend-Her Tactical is owned and operated by Jennifer Ehrhardt.  She has been working in Law Enforcement and Community Corrections for 13 years in Montana.  She saw a need for self protection and firearms training specific to women and launched Defend-Her Tactical.  She is an NRA certified firearms and Refuse To Be A Victim instructor. 


We offer a wide variety of self defense, situational awareness, and firearms classes. 


We partner with the NRA to provide our clients with knowledge and situational training to help you cope with the day to day dangers you may face. 


Our goal is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for women and all people to learn skills to better defend themselves.


We offer one on one as well as group classes in the following:


  • Basic Firearms Use

  • Advanced Firearms Use

  • Tactical Firearms Use

  • Refuse To Be A Victim

  • Women On Target

  • Women Specific Classes



The Refuse To Be A Victim seminar can be held at your place of business or if you would like to host one at another location please contact me.



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